5 Steps to Successful Online Raffles

Nonprofit Tech for Good is hosting a webinar on “5 Steps to Successful Online Raffles”:

“How can you transform an online raffle into a tool that not only brings in ticket sales, but also 20% more net profits, a list of new donors, and marketing data that will show you exactly where your success came from? The magic happens in 5 key steps:

  1. Build a foolproof raffle ticket strategy
  2. Design your event page to maximize ticket sales
  3. Promote your raffle early and effectively online
  4. Ensure efficient payment processing for donors
  5. Streamline your raffle application process

Join Trellis.org on August 2 for a comprehensive webinar on how to successfully host an online raffle that appeals to current donors and reaches a new, wider network of supporters.”

The event is finished.

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