A Coach Approach to Work Performance Feedback

Beginning January 11th: UW-Madison Continuing Studies is offering “A Coach Approach to Work Performance Feedback”:

“This specially designed class will focus on the how-to’s of adopting a coaching style for giving work performance feedback. The overview of how this style emerged and its benefits will be very brief — meaning this is a class for leaders and managers who are ready to learn this approach and who want to understand and practice the key elements to utilize them right away. We’ll explore how to handle your own potentially strong emotions if the coaching becomes difficult and what to do if the recipient reacts defensively. We’ll outline when to — and when not to — use this approach and how to flex between a range of performance management strategies. The live sessions will focus on case studies, video examples analysis, practice and role-plays. Learners will have a chance to engage in further debriefs, discussion and personal case analysis.

This program will be a mix of self-directed learning in Canvas and two live online sessions using the Zoom platform. The self-directed learning exercises will be available in Canvas two weeks before the live session and should be completed before that date.


Learning objectives

  • Discover some of your personal barriers and challenges to adopting a coaching style.
  • Understand the range of staff development conversations from mentoring to just-in-time training and which approaches generally fit which situation, including when not to coach.
  • Explore a useful coaching process model that can help guide your coaching to higher levels of effectiveness.
  • Learn the critical importance of coaching questions and practice using them.
  • Increase your general willingness and ability to engage in a coach approach to feedback.
  • Learn how to shift team member work performance towards self-accountability.”

The event is finished.

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