A to Z of Human Resources: HR Compliance

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is hosting “A to Z of Human Resources: HR Compliance:”

“Small and medium-sized nonprofits typically don’t have the resources to create a human resources department with an experienced HR professional. The job of HR may be done by the executive director, the chief financial officer, a manager or administrative staff – wherever there is a little capacity or a little interest. So how do you know you’re really doing the right things, complying with the laws, and adhering to best practices?

In this session, we’ll highlight Minnesota and federal employment law so you better understand how to apply and integrate your legal obligations. Examples of what we’ll cover include a core understanding of HR’s legal alphabet soup:

  • EEO, ADA, ADEA, and the Minnesota Human Rights Act
  • Employment at will
  • FLSA and exempt status
  • Independent contractors
  • Federal and state leave of absence requirements
  • MN wage theft law
  • Miscellaneous Minnesota employment laws”

The event is finished.

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