Advanced Proposal Writing Workshop

Candid is offering a virtual workshop on “Advanced Proposal Writing Workshop”:

“No matter how terrific your program or project is, you won’t be successful in winning the most grants if you don’t personalize your grant proposals. It’s important to remember that the application process is different for every grant you apply to. The expert proposal writer knows that proposals and letters of inquiry must be customized to emphasize the fit with different funders. The skill is in knowing what to cut and what to add to make that fit perfect.

Join this hands-on virtual workshop to level up your proposal writing. This class will give each participant a hands-on opportunity to find grant opportunities using Foundation Directory Online. The class also offers a deep dive into targeting requests toward specific funders and provides participants with a chance to get peer and expert feedback on their writing.

Preparation: We encourage each participant to prepare for class by bringing an existing or draft letter of inquiry or grant proposal for which you would like to seek foundation funding. The workshop will include opportunities to work on the draft and share with peers for feedback.”

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