Advanced Trauma Informed Care Training

Beginning January 13th, online: this eight-part “Advanced Trauma Informed Care Training” series provided by SaintA covers the following:

  • Session 1 of 8 – The Cutting Edge of the Trauma Informed Movement
    Catch up to the latest news about TIC. We’ll discuss the debate about how ACEs are being used, review the science that supports the argument that trauma directly creates health outcomes and explore root cause in a unique and provocative way.
  • Session 2 of 8 – Advanced Prevalence
    What does it look like when these essential concepts are operationalized? What formal screening & assessment tools are out there? What informal and non-clinical tools are being used? What does asking about trauma look like? Will it make things worse?
  • Session 3 of 8 – Advanced Impact
    Dig in to how to see stress response and respond. Explore the many mechanisms that influence intergenerational process with a hopeful conclusion. We’ll also unpack the times we live in and offer strategies to cope and adjust.
  • Session 4 of 8 – Advanced Perspective Shift
    “What happened” in lieu of “What’s wrong” is a great start but what comes next? We’ll explore more advanced concepts and strategies that create deep perspective shift. We’ll also offer real life examples of how it happens.
  • Session 5 of 8 – Advanced Regulation
    Yes, regulation is essential for healing. Why do some strategies work inconsistently? Why do they work for one person and not the other? What are the dosing best practices? We’ll explore these and other critical regulation concepts that will promote more healing.
  • Session 6 of 8 – Advanced Relationship & Reason to Be
    Everyone says relationship is essential but how do you create it, especially when people have a history of being hurt in relationship? This session will explore next level relational strategies including how and when to leverage regulation towards a good relational outcome. We’ll also discuss how trauma injures the soul and what can be done to restore purpose.
  • Session 7 of 8 – Advanced Caregiver Capacity
    Like trauma, understanding and creating capacity is complicated. Working hard to avoid oversimplifications like “make time for you”, we’ll unpack the complexity and discuss strategies from multiple angles.
  • Session 8 of 8 – 7ei Application Stories
    Hear stories from across the country about how 7ei is being used. Stories will capture the common barriers faced in implementation and also highlight different strategies used. We’ll also briefly discuss how 7ei is used by Law Enforcement.

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