All About the Base: Amping Up Your Advocacy Skills

Nonprofit Learning Lab is hosting “All About the Base: Amping Up Your Advocacy Skills”:

“Engaging in the public policy process is becoming increasingly important for the nonprofit sector. From the changes in charitable giving, to how critical social programs are funded, nonprofits can’t sit out of the public policy arena any longer. However, this has become a complicated issue for many nonprofits. Nonprofits wonder, “Can we engage, how do we engage, how can we be part of the conversation?” During this interactive session, you’ll learn the best practices in nonprofit advocacy to advance your organization’s advocacy goals, engage key stakeholders, and ensure your organization is not left out of the conversation. By the end of this session, you’ll have the confidence to build your organization’s power by engaging your staff, donors, members, coalition partners, colleagues, and community in advocacy.”

The event is finished.

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