Basic Governance For New Board Directors Certification

The Nonprofit Academy of Wisconsin is offering an online 3-part series, “Basic Governance For New Board Directors Certification,” via NonprofitWebAdvisor:

“Certification for New Board Members – Increase effectiveness with board orientation training.

Once you have selected your new board directors, the time is limited to get them ready. New nonprofit board directors are full of enthusiasm and ideas. To contribute productively, they must also understand their roles, committee expectations, meeting protocols, staff relationships, fiduciary duties, and fundraising responsibilities.

Orientation training will enable new board directors to be more effective in driving your organization toward its mission.

Our Basic Governance For New Board Directors Certification will enable new board directors to:

  • Drive your organization toward its mission effectively
  • Collaborate with staff members
  • Avoid incurring liability for your nonprofit with costly mistakes
  • Contribute meaningfully to fundraising efforts

We have packed a large volume of interesting and useful content into three engaging webinars that will get your new board directors off to a strong start.

Webinar 1: Board Governance 101

  • Responsibilities of board directors in the nonprofit sector
  • Role of governance in your organization
  • Expectations for boards
  • Liabilities and protections

Webinar 2: How Boards Work

  • Individual responsibilities
  • Personal fulfillment through board service
  • Board committees
  • Meetings and agendas

Webinar 3: Board and Staff: Who Does What And How To Support

  • How board directors and staff members work together
  • The board’s role in fundraising
  • Strategies to build a culture of philanthropy
  • Setting and tracking success measures
  • Helping without getting in the staff’s way

Who Should Attend?

  • Board members/directors of nonprofit organizations who are new to their role
  • Prospective board members
  • Training directors
  • Executive directors
  • Chief executives”

The event is finished.

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