Certificate of Annual Giving Campaigns

Beginning June 9th @ 8am CT: the Georgia Center for Nonprofits is offering their “Certificate of Annual Giving Campaigns” series:


Learn from GCN experts how to make your annual campaign work for you! Discover best practices to leverage all of your resources – your staff, volunteers, and board; your technology; and your programs and data – to capture the most donations from the most people.

Nearly 75% of all nonprofit funding comes from individuals, making the annual giving campaign an indispensable fundraising tool for most organizations. Traditional campaigns relied on your annual or year-end appeal, but now with technology advancements and evolving giving patterns, the savviest organizations are driving attention and support through additional special or mid-year campaigns, combined with an intentional approach to regular external communications, including social media, newsletters, and the website. By building a year-long giving plan, you can effectively target a variety of donors and donor segments (including, reaching multiple generations in unique ways) and cultivate meaningful experiences with your organization.

Each class will feature hands-on exercises with tools and templates, and further resources will let you continue your learning through practical application at your organization.

Key Concepts

  • Creating a plan for your annual giving campaign including annual (year-end) and special (mid-year) appeals, online appeals, and ongoing marketing communications, all in support of common goals and themes
  • Social media strategies to support your campaigns and donations
  • Current trends in giving and fundraising
  • Donor segmentation and creating tailored appeals
  • Using storytelling and multimedia approaches for compelling appeals


  • Team members who engage with fundraising, especially from individuals:
  • Fundraising and development staff
  • Marketing/communications staff
  • Senior leadership
  • Board members, especially serving on fundraising committees

Included Courses

FND 220 | Understanding Donors

This course will give participants the tools needed to understand donors’ motivations for giving, segment their donor base, and attract new donors across segments. GCN experts will help participants “think like a donor,” gaining a greater understanding of donor trends and designing plan to maximize donor engagement and to create meaningful experiences to drive donations. Learn more.

June 9, 2022

FND 221 | Stories That Stick: Marketing and Communications for Fundraising

Find out how to develop compelling stories about your clients and impact that reach, affect, and motivate giving from your donors. The course will cover tools and strategies that cut through the noise and get your organization in front of donors. Learn more.

June 16, 2022

FND 222 | Annual Appeals

In this course, GCN experts will help participants build out multiple campaigns throughout the year to cultivate donor relationships, and open up two-way communication with advocates, donors, and volunteers in ways never before possible. The course will cover new trends in appeals and help participants learn to integrate social media tools and events into appeals. Learn more.

June 23, 2022

FND 223 | Annual Giving Planning

Now that you know why your constituents give, what makes messages impactful, and how to maximize the end of the year for individual giving, you are ready to build an annual giving plan. An intentional plan allows you stay ahead of trends and to engage donors through a full array of fundraising channels (digital, traditional, in-person). Learn more.

June 30, 2022″

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