Certificate of Digital Fundraising

Beginning August 23rd @ 12pm CT: the Georgia Center for Nonprofits is offering their “Certificate of Digital Fundraising” series:


With this three-part series, nonprofit fundraisers and digital marketers will learn how to raise more money, build community, and inspire people to action online.

Now more than ever, most of our daily activities take place in the digital space, and technology is rapidly revolutionizing the way people give. Nonprofit fundraisers must adapt to shifting donor preferences and expectations – especially if they want to engage younger generations, the digital natives looking for deeper connections and the chance to join something bigger than themselves.

Learn to redeploy the requirements of traditional, in-person fundraising – cultivation, communication, and time – in the digital worlds of your supporters, and you can build relationships that lead to even greater rewards: in peer-to-peer fundraisers, online ambassadors, and more.

Through a combination of long-term strategy for digital communications and practical, hands-on campaign development, participants will discover how to cultivate supporters virtually and leave with a detailed game plan, fundraising copy, impact stories, and eye-catching visual assets for their next digital fundraising campaign – whether for GAgives on #GivingTuesday, a one-off special project, or a virtual event!

These three courses can be taken individually or as a series. Each course has pre- and in-class activities to reinforce learning.

Key Concepts

  • Building and growing an engaged online community that’s ready to take action for your cause
  • Mobilizing and equipping your supporters to become fundraisers for your organization
  • Designing a digital campaign that tells a clear story and inspires your supporters to give
  • Best practices for ethical, strengths-based storytelling
  • Graphic design basics and how to create eye-catching campaign materials using free online tools
  • Adapting and optimizing campaign content for various digital platforms


  • Team members who engage with fundraising, especially from individuals, such as:
  • Fundraising and development staff
  • Marketing/communications staff
  • Board members, especially those serving on fundraising committees

Included Courses

FND 250 | Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Building an Engaged Online Community

This course will help participants develop long-term strategies to engage the full community – donors, volunteers, staff, board members, and beneficiaries – through online platforms, and equip them to become passionate advocates and fundraisers for the organization. Learn more.

August 23, 2022

FND 251 | Digital Storytelling and Content Creation

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn best practices for collecting and crafting ethical, strengths-based stories that celebrate the people they serve and the impact of their work; they’ll also gain practical experience creating eye-catching visuals. Learn more.

August 30, 2022

FND 252 | Planning and Designing Digital Campaigns

Learn how to uncover and develop the story behind your fundraising goal in order to inspire your community to give, and find out how and when to deliver your messages to ensure the greatest impact. Participants will create a detailed game plan for their digital fundraising campaign, including a calendar for integrated digital communications across multiple channels, and the foundational copy – the Goal, the Why, and the Ask – for your campaign. Learn more.

September 6, 2022″

The event is finished.

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