Certificate of Nonprofit Accounting and Finance Operations

Beginning May 11th @ 8am CT: the Georgia Center for Nonprofits is offering their “Certificate of Nonprofit Accounting and Finance Operations” series:

“Take your skills in nonprofit accounting and finance to the next level with this three-part certificate series on operationalizing best practices, redesigned and updated for the present moment.

Learn how to craft budgets that reinforce your strategic and operating plans, maintain effective internal controls, and take part in the audit process. This practical, action-focused series is ideal for seasoned professionals interested in new tips and tricks, associate-level staffers looking to advance their career, board members on relevant committees, or a non-finance manager seeking a deep dive into accounting strategy, internal controls, the annual audit, and more.


  • Developing sound financial management that aligns with your organizational mission
  • Utilizing the budget as a tool with which to maximize revenues, minimize expenses, and forecast your organization’s financial future
  • Understand the audit process from A to Z!


  • Accounting and finance leaders and staff
  • Non-finance staff looking to significantly deepen their understanding
  • Board members, particularly those on committees like finance, fundraising/development, and programs


ACCT 220 | Internal Controls and Accountability
Review the procedures successful organizations operate under to help them safeguard assets and ensure their reputations remain above reproach, including how to create reliable financial reporting, promote compliance with laws and regulations, and achieve effective and efficient operations. Formerly ACCT 230.

May 11, 2023

ACCT 210 | From Process to Strategy: Optimal Budgeting for Nonprofits
In this discussion of the key elements of a good budget planning process, you will learn how to develop an approach to budget formulation that meets the specific needs of your organization. Formerly ACCT 220.

May 18, 2023

ACCT 230 | Audits and the Audit Committee
The word ‘audit’ often produces panic, fear, and uncertainty. Yet audits are simply a factor in providing proper financial management oversight of an organization. Discover what audits are and how audits can help you improve your operations and better serve your mission. Formerly ACCT 240.”

May 25, 2023

The event is finished.

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