Certificate of Nonprofit Marketing Essentials

Beginning August 17th @ 8am CT: the Georgia Center for Nonprofits is offering their “Certificate of Nonprofit Marketing Essentials” series:


Learn to promote your organization’s mission, programs, and fundraising with this four-part series on successful marketing strategy and execution. With the right goals and branding that’s clear, consistent, and constant, you will help your organization succeed in appealing to customers, donors, members, and volunteers. Gain the essential training, tools, and techniques to develop a strategic marketing plan that enhances your organization’s bottom line and mission impact. Receive an audit of your current materials and understand how to target your market more strategically.

Sessions will include insight into trends and relevant tools, tips on activating internal buy-in, useful templates, and practical application of concepts through in-class projects.

Key Concepts

  • Marketing audit, plans, budgeting, and metrics and performance
  • Brand management, maximizing the right tools, and brand libraries
  • Best practices in marketing tools
  • Media relations and crisis communication


  • “Marketers by default,” such as development staff, program managers/directors, and volunteer coordinators/managers, who handle marketing as part, but not the primary focus, of their responsibilities
  • Marketing or communications staff
  • Individuals outside of marketing looking at a transition to marketing or an expansion of their duties to include marketing

Included Courses

MKT 110 | Planning for Marketing Success

In today’s complex economic environment, nonprofit organizations must have successful marketing strategies that make them stand out in the midst of other programs competing for funding. Participants will be presented with marketing essentials that will help them develop marketing strategies to enhance the bottom line and strengthen the mission of the organization. Learn how to build an annual marketing plan. Learn more.

September 7, 2022

MKT 120 | Brand Management

A clear, relatable brand is the key to attracting clients, staff, board, volunteers, donors, and other support and resources to your organization. A brand is how the customer experiences your organization. It is the look of your materials, the voice in your communications, and the feeling evoked by anyone who interacts with your organization. You must consider not only what you say and do but also how. Learn more.

August 17, 2022

MKT 130 | The Marketer’s Toolbox

This course will provide a deep dive into the options and best practices in available platforms, and tools for managing marketing and communications. You will examine systems for managing social media, e-newsletter development and distribution, website hosting, blog hosting, and contacts management. For each category you will discuss top recommendations that consider various budget sizes, staffing, and marketing and communications goals. Learn more.

August 24, 2022

MKT 140 | Your Friends, the Media

Every organization finds itself looking to engage the news media, often around a particular event or special occasion – fundraising galas, notable success stories, a new location or program launch. But many of us wait until these times arise before contacting local outlets, hoping cold calls or blasted press releases catch someone’s attention. Instead, cultivating intentional relationships with the press gives your organization the advantage at a moment’s notice, whether your organization needs to get the word out or to answer a news outlet’s call for a story or comment. Learn more.

August 31, 2022″

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