Certificate of Supervision and Management

Beginning January 11th @ 8am CDT: the Georgia Center for Nonprofits is offering their “Certificate of Supervision and Management” series:

“Build a firm foundation in management, and develop your supervisory skills. This certificate series is designed to provide those working in – or preparing for – a supervisory role with the knowledge and skills needed to be effective managers and leaders.


  • A framework for management processes.
  • How to build effective, diverse teams.
  • HR compliance essentials and processes for hiring, promoting, retention and evaluation.
  • Management dynamics and communication with direct reports, as well as peers and your own supervisors.
  • How to set career goals through defining your leadership style.


MGT 110 | Understanding the Role of a Supervisor
This session focuses on building the essential skill sets for your success as a supervisor. Beyond your responsibilities, you need to plan, organize, lead, and control others. In addition, you need to be skilled at prioritizing your time and managing meetings.

MGT 120 | Transitioning from Tactical Manager to Strategic Leader
Being strategic involves setting the path for the organization. Moving away from operations and into a strategic role requires spending less time on day-to-day issues and more time looking ahead. Participants in this course will learn how to use strategy to build alignment in the organization and identify their own strategic goals.

MGT 130 | Hiring and Evaluating Performance
Ensuring that a good match is made between an applicant and their job can deter problems down the road. This course covers four essential modules of employee management: recruiting, interviewing and hiring; promotion and retention; setting compensation; and evaluation tactics.

MGT 140 | Employee Performance Challenges
Your organization is only as strong as its team. Learn key elements of people management, including investigating employee complaints, conflict resolution, recognizing and managing risk, and taking corrective action.

MGT 150 | Understanding People, Building Teams
This session will cover strategies to balance the motivations of different team members, optimize cultural differences, and go beyond the idea of diversity to create an inclusive work culture.”

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