Christian Nonprofits Virtual Coffee Hour

Moore Fundraising Solutions is hosting “Christian Nonprofits Virtual Coffee Hour: What Would You Do With $1M?”:

Free – Virtual Roundtable for Christian Nonprofits. Lets talk about big and bold plans. What would you do?

About this Event

This is a true round table discussion. There will be no presentation this month. We will be getting to know each other and discussing big bold dreams.

Some questions to consider: If you had all the money you needed to run smoothly for the next year how would you organize things? How would you prioritize spending? Who would be the first person you hired? What would your organization look like? If you could be sustainable and grow, what would you do? Are you “ready” to receive big funding dollars?

Amanda is a Christian fundraiser with proven expertise and years of practical experience working with and for nonprofits.”

The event is finished.

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