Co-Leadership: The Good, the Bad, and How to Make It Work

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is hosting “Co-Leadership: The Good, the Bad, and How to Make It Work:”

“Participants will learn first hand about co-leadership from a successful team, and will receive key insights to help shape the path to their co-working model. Speakers will have focused in-depth discussions around the pros and cons of a co-directorship model, while offering steps to building attendees’ own teams with a focus on:

  • The better work-life balance it affords
  • How skills and knowledge sharing in a co-leadership team allows for faster, sounder, and more efficient business practice
  • Insights into the process of building a co-working team
  • Applicability to issues of equity
  • The values that make strong co-leadership possible”

The event is finished.

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