Crafting The Case for Giving: The Journey from Prospect to Donor

February 22nd or March 11th, online: Nonprofit Learning Lab is hosting “Crafting The Case for Giving: The Journey from Prospect to Donor”:

“This workshop will give you the actionable tools you need in order to excavate the passions of the donor and connect them to the actions of your organization. ​

Know Your Self: You are a fundraiser. How does your money narrative affect your work? What you learned about money growing has an impact on how your approach donors; let’s unpack that. Know your Organization: When you go to a dentist, you want that dentist to be a subject matter expert. A lawyer, a doctor, a hairdresser. Are you a subject matter expert about your organization? As a fundraiser? Let’s look at that. ​

Know your Donor: The journey of listening is a critical one when working with a prospect. Do you know about the donor? Why do they give? Where did they learn to give? Let’s discover how to discover the donors’ passions. Know your ASK: Once you have been on the journey of discovery, you are ready to ask for the gift, you are not selling, you are storytelling. Let’s craft the story! ​”

The event is finished.

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