Create & Manage Your Nonprofit Internship Program to Build a Talent Pipeline

Nonprofit Learning Lab is offering “Create & Manage Your Nonprofit Internship Program to Build a Talent Pipeline”:

“Building a leadership pipeline through a paid internship program helps your organization prepare and plan for the future. A leadership pipeline allows you to identify people with skills and strengths that you’ve nurtured to lead your organization forward. Interns get a sense of what your organization does and it is a way for you to seek out future talent. As nonprofits, it is important to plan for the future and build a talent pipeline. This workshop will focus on how you can tap into your skilled volunteers to build a pipeline for leadership. In this workshop, we will cover how to recruit interns, structure projects that are mutually beneficial, how to supervise interns, create virtual or hybrid internships, the importance of stipends and payments for interns, and how to use your internship to build a talent pipeline for the future. We will share real examples of different nonprofits utilizing internships.”

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