Doing Good, Formally: Starting a Nonprofit Organization

BizStarts is hosting a session on “Doing Good, Formally: Starting a Nonprofit Organization”:

Community leaders have innovative, groundbreaking ideas about how to improve the lives of our neighbors. Despite this enormous task they often have shoestring budgets (from their own pockets) without the necessary resources to do their best work and make the greatest impacts. Even when leaders decide to jump fully into the work, the process to start a nonprofit organization is confusing, challenging, and often slow.

In this class we’ll provide a clear guide on how and when to start a nonprofit organization along with a framework to build a program and funding strategy. Participants will learn how to focus on and leverage the strengths they have to start a nonprofit, increase funding, and report outcomes.

Participants will learn:

  • What is nonprofit organization
  • When you should and shouldn’t start a nonprofit
  • What steps you need to take to incorporate as a 501(c)3
  • What’s next after the paperwork, how to build an organizational program and funding strategy

The event is finished.

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