Donor Retention Strategies for Time Limited Giving Efforts

Nonprofit Learning Lab is hosting a free webinar on “Donor Retention Strategies for Time Limited Giving Efforts”:

“Whether it is Giving Tuesday, your organization’s own giving day, or a community foundation matching day, chances are your organization has been involved in a time-limited giving effort. These campaigns help your organization raise new funds, identify new donors, and quickly increase your social media presence. But the work doesn’t stop when the clock strikes midnight. What happens the day after Giving Day? How do you acknowledge gifts and retain donors? Do you have a strategic plan for new donors? How does donor relations play a role in these efforts? Join Lynne Wester, Principal and Founder of DRG, as she discusses Giving Tuesday giving days, how they impact your organization, and ways to make the most of the generosity.”

The event is finished.

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