Effective Volunteer Management: Recruitment, Training, Retention, Committees & Manage Difficult Volunteers

Nonprofit Learning Lab is offering their two-part “Effective Volunteer Management: Recruitment, Training, Retention, Committees & Manage Difficult Volunteers” training from 1pm-3pm CT on the following dates:

  • 5/7/2024, 5/14/2024
  • 6/4/2024, 6/11/2024

Nonprofits rely on volunteers to fulfill their mission, programs and services and some organizations rely solely on volunteers to do the work of their organization. Recruiting, training and managing volunteers take planning and strategy. The past few years have changed the way that individuals give their time and it is important that nonprofits adapt to best practices for recruitment, retention, training and building a leadership pipeline of volunteers. How do you recruit volunteers? How do you replicate the successes that you have had in the past to build your programs and eliminate the challenges that have hampered your volunteer programs? Managing volunteers comes with its own unique challenges because volunteers are people with their own needs while simultaneously giving their time for free to a cause. In this workshop, we will dive into strategies to mitigate challenges in dealing with volunteers. We define volunteers as anyone who give their time for free to support organization’s programs, services and mission. The content in this workshop is applicable to one time volunteers, recurring volunteers, leadership committees, chapter based organizations, affinity groups, alumni groups and more.

The event is finished.

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