Embracing Conflict: A Systems Approach for Leaders and Teams

February 2nd-3rd: UW-Madison Continuing Studies is offering “Embracing Conflict: A Systems Approach for Leaders and Teams”:

“Instead of ‘managing’ conflict or ‘dealing’ with it, we can learn to embrace it. In this highly interactive class, you will gain confidence and skills to navigate conflict in your relationships, your teams, and with customers/clients. You’ll learn how to recognize and bring to light conflict that is under the surface and within a system, along with your personal patterns related to conflict.


Learning objectives

  • Increase your awareness of conflict that is present, yet unnamed, in systems and teams that you’re part of.
  • Develop the ability to work with conflict as something that wants to emerge, shift, or change within a group or a team.
  • Confidently speak about, and subsequently work with, conflict in a clear and kind way.
  • Move from a stuck place of opposing positions and opinions into a place of shared desires, values, and future possibilities.
  • Gain concrete tools and approaches to apply to situations of conflict and change.”

The event is finished.

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