Equitable Program Evaluation

The Nonprofit Academy of Wisconsin, in partnership with the Urban Economic Development Association is offering a free webinar on Equitable Program Evaluation”:

Gathering information about how programs are doing is something that we all know we should do and have to do. Donors tell us to gather written stories and numbers that help them feel their donors have had an impact. But are we gathering the right information, and are we doing it in a way that fits the mission of our organization and the communities we serve?

In this webinar, Milika Miller and Kenyatta Sinclair of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation will share tips and tools to help you gather the information that you want to know about and will impact your community, and ways to share that information that are meaningful and fit your values.

They say we should all be lifelong learners, continually building our knowledge base, and expanding our horizons. Well, at NAWi and UEDA, we think the same is true for nonprofit organizations. There is never a time to stop learning how to be a stronger, more sustainable, more effective organization. So we have made this and all our webinars free, thanks to CDBG funding.

The event is finished.

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