Ethics & Boundaries: Social Work Practice in a Technology Driven Age

The UWM Helen Bader School of Social Welfare is hosting a workshop on “Ethics & Boundaries: Social Work Practice in a Technology Driven Age”:

“In our Technology Driven & Digital Age – especially during the global pandemic, this session will award the social work professional with their new year biennium (2021-2023) Ethics & Boundaries – 4 (four) hour required continuing education certificate and with a critically important understanding of NASW Technology Standards.

This session is powerfully delivered interactively online where students attend at the same time virtually and in meeting the state standards for ethics & boundaries continuing education for social workers.

The session is delivered by our highly-regarded online instructor with 30 years of International Technology Executive Consultant experience and Direct Social Work Practice as well as with credentials as an University Instructor and Continuing Education Instructor for nearly a decade. Completing his Executive Graduate Studies with Harvard, and co-authoring a small piece with the STEM team of a former President of the U.S., this is sure to be a stimulating as well as incredibly educational session.

During this session, we will deep dive into the recent NASW Technology & Ethics Standards guide and also a topical review of the overall code changes implemented a couple years back. This is the perfect opportunity to critically understand how our current and rapid rush to online direct social work delivery during the global pandemic has an urgent call for us to understand more fully and -in everyday language- the Profession’s Technology Standards of direct social practice within an Ethics & Boundaries framework for understanding.

Versed in I.T. Transformation, Digital Disruption, and Cybersecurity our presenter’s additional background in Professional Direct Social Work Practice Delivery makes this a no-miss for any Social Worker looking to complete their Ethics & Boundaries in the new biennium while understanding at a deeper level and in everyday language the NASW Technology Standards especially in the face of the recent pandemic. Additionally, educational case studies will help us tie together and augment our understanding of Direct Social Work Practice especially in our Technology Driven & Digital Age that is here to stay.”

The event is finished.

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