Good Tech Fest 2020

May 19th-20th, online: Good Tech Fest 2020 is a (currently free) conference about technology but what brings us all together is our passion for creating change. It’s a place for the data nerds, technologists, leaders, doers, and analysts; people who are passionate about social change and are using technology to achieve it. It is a celebration of the ways data, technology, and design can come together to solve social problems.

This event is coming at an important moment in the sector. Momentum around technology has been building and we are seeing more organizations push beyond the basic uses of technology to track donors and constituents, to a place where they are using technology to intermediate and improve their interventions. Good Tech Fest is a community building event for the organizations around the world that see the potential for technology, in the hands of front-line practitioners, to change the world.

See here for details.

The event is finished.

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