How Y’all Doing?: Resiliency Re-check

UW-Oshkosh Division of Online and Continuing Education is hosting “How Y’all Doing?: Resiliency Re-check”:

“Life has been incredibly challenging for all of us over the past two years, professionally and personally. This has been especially true for social workers, clinicians, and those in the service fields. Caregivers have been pushed to their limits as they adapted to the pandemic and ongoing changes, restrictions, and emotional demands. How are we to continue taking care of others without processing what has happened to us and others? In this workshop we will examine the numerous challenges we have faced, begin to address the toll it has taken, and find ways to make meaning of these stressful experiences in order to heal and move through this.

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

  • Increase their understanding of resiliency, including the benefits of resilience, in particular in terms of surviving and managing in the pandemic;
  • Explore a variety of effective copings skills and practice using these stress reducing techniques;
  • Learn and experience a variety of expressive arts interventions that focus on self-reflection and building self-compassion and resilience.”

The event is finished.

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