Immigration and the Role of Social Workers

The National Association of Social Workers – Wisconsin Chapter is offering “Immigration and the Role of Social Workers” as part of their 2021 Noon Hour Winter Webinar Series:

“The United States is a country made of immigrants that have come before the country had immigration laws and they continue to come. Immigrants today are fleeing deplorable conditions at home including gang violence, crime, extreme poverty, drug traffickers and sex trafficking. Social Workers are on the frontlines helping adults, families and children with their daily needs, mental health services and guidance regarding their immigration status. Workshop panelists all work on the frontlines with undocumented immigrants. They work in different capacities and they will share their experiences. Also highlighted will be Immigration laws since they are changing at a fast rate and social workers need to be informed to maintain the core values of social workers: service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity and competence. There will be orientation to different types of immigration cases U-Visa, VAWA, refugee and asylum.”

The event is finished.

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