Manage Stress and Balance Priorities

UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education is offering “Manage Stress and Balance Priorities”:

“Need a change? Are you feeling stressed? This interactive online course will teach you the secret to balancing stress and how to integrate your brain and body to maximize your effectiveness.

Learn how to make your brain work for you

Our brains are complex, and while we are far from understanding the intricacies of how it works, our modern technology has helped us “see” a lot. Remember when we believed that the left hemisphere was for math majors and the right hemisphere was for artists and musicians? Modern neuroscience has proved that wrong and has taught us a great deal about how our brain works as well as how we can harness its power to increase our personal effectiveness.  

Not everyone can be a neuroscientist, and the good news is that you don’t need to be in order to be smarter about how you can make your brain work for you instead of against you! An integrated brain is not only a healthy brain, but it is a major factor in having a healthy body. This interactive online course will provide you with a general understanding of how your brain affects your effectiveness. 

An integrated brain is a healthy brain ‐ come learn how to integrate your brain and increase your effectiveness.”

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