Maximizing Performance

February 17th & February 24th: UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education is offering “Maximizing Performance”:

“Every organization gets things done through people. Effectively influencing employees to achieve maximum productivity and performance is the hallmark of effective leaders. It’s a skill that is built over time, often based on trial and error. That trial and error can be minimized, though, through the insights and perspectives of industry experts and your peers.

In this course, attendees will learn how to:

  • Diagnose performance issues and uncover underlying employee motivations.
  • Apply best practices for providing recognition and rewards.
  • Improve the performance evaluation and feedback process.
  • Shape positive employee attitudes and strengthen employee engagement.
  • Effectively coach staff to influence desired actions.
  • Learn how to influence people to get the results you want.

Even experienced managers will benefit from the recent developments, expert insights, shared experiences and group discussions delivered in this program.”

The event is finished.

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