Meaningful Data Collection

The Nonprofit Academy of Wisconsin is hosting a webinar facilitated by Data You Can Use on “Board Development: Recruitment and Retention”:

Data Can Be A Powerful Tool

There are many reasons why we collect data in the nonprofit sector: our donors want to know about results; we want to know who are using our services and where they are from; contracting partners want to know that you are doing what they asked you to do; and did we mention that donors ask for data?

In the end, what is the information we really want to know: is it only about the impact our programs are having, or is there more we need to know? Once we have collected the information, what can we do with it: is it only for our purposes or can we use it to inform decision-making?

This webinar led by Data You Can Use will help you design meaningful, helpful, and minimally intrusive data collection tools. They will explore how to

Decide what you want to know and why

  • Data for data’s sake is a lot of work and meaningless. Keep it real, and gather what you actually need.

Use the data in meaningful ways

  • Don’t sit on it: share what you have found with your constituents and with the people who have decision-making power.

Design a collection system that is easy

  • Have the data collection become an integral part of the work you do, not a bolt-on.

Review your programs

  • The data can be a helpful tool to let you know if your programs really have impact, and if there is still a need for them

What don’t you need to do?

  • A lot of data about a lot of things is already out there. Find it, use it. You don’t have to reinvent that wheel.

The event is finished.

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