Next Level Financial Leadership

UW-Green Bay Continuing Professional Education is offering “Next Level Financial Leadership”:

“There is a deep interconnectedness between an organization’s ability to accomplish its mission and its ability to be financially viable. Yet we tend to talk about these aspects of our organizations in silos. This interactive training taught by Steve Zimmerman is designed to break down the silos and build the collective financial leadership necessary to strengthen your organization’s sustainability. You’ll learn how to assess the financial health of your organization and determine the true cost of impact, explore the elements of a sustainable revenue strategy, and we’ll introduce you to a tool to visualize your business model so that strategic decisions integrate both impact and finances. Everyone in an organization is a financial leader – responsible for its mission and financial health. This is a great training for leadership teams – empowering them to meaningfully engage in strategic discussions to create a high impact, sustainable, more inclusive nonprofit.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this live, full-day session, participants will be able to:

  • Assess the immediate and: long-term financial health of their organization.
  • Present their financial statements in a way that shows the true cost and profitability of programs and impact.
  • Understand the elements of a sustainable revenue strategy and have a plan to strengthen their revenue.
  • Have a tool to visualize how their programs work together to deliver impact and financial viability.

The event is finished.

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