Nonprofit Advocacy in Times of Change

Join the Nonprofit Academy of Wisconsin for “Nonprofit Advocacy in Times of Change:”

“There has been a change in Washington, with new leadership of our country. Locally, there is a relatively new team at the County level in Milwaukee, although the city leadership remains pretty constant.

So, what is a nonprofit to do? We have to tell our story to decision-makers, and we have to share what we know about the people and communities we serve to make sure the right decisions are being made. But how do you do that in the middle of a pandemic? How do you share the passion and the commitment?

What is advocacy like right now? What is it like to lobby remotely or through a mask? Are the legislators listening more? Less? Are they easier to get to? Harder? What are the trends? Who is doing a great job and who is failing miserably?

Let’s talk about that.

Join us for the Fireside Chat #4 – and remember: no presentations, no grand pronouncements. Just talk.”

The event is finished.

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