Nonprofit Fund Development Planning Done Right

Foundant Technologies is offering a webinar on “Nonprofit Fund Development Planning Done Right”:

“After the last two years of uncertainty and change, how can you plan for fundraising success in 2022? The value of a Fund Development Plan is not only the plan itself, but the intentional process of putting it together. How do you analyze the strategies you’ve used in the past? How do you decide which new activities to pilot?

Fund Development expert Kristin Raack demonstrates how going through a thoughtful planning process results in a stronger plan (and a more sustainable organization!). In this session, she’ll show you how to conduct an efficient fund development planning process that includes both flexibility and accountability.

During this fast-paced session, you’ll learn how to:

  • Know what fundraising metrics to track
  • Analyze last year’s fundraising activities and outcomes
  • Conduct an efficient environmental scan
  • Utilize the provided Planning Worksheet to prepare for 2022
  • Create a fund development plan that brings clarity and focus to your organization”

The event is finished.

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