Nonprofit HR in Times of Change

Join the Nonprofit Academy of Wisconsin for “Nonprofit HR in Times of Change:”

“Continuing our series of conversations about the questions that are facing nonprofits. This time we will be talking about questions around human resources. If you can’t meet someone face to face, how do you go about hiring them? How do you build and strengthen a team that is experiencing zoom fatigue already? Are there policies we need to develop that reflect this new working structure?

Fireside Chats really are just that. We will be inviting some people with experience and/or expertise in the area, but there will be no presentations and no ideas about what you “must” do to succeed these days. Let’s just talk. Let’s bring up ideas about who is doing a great job, who has done a face plant, and what are the questions that have been coming up about HR in the nonprofit sector?”

The event is finished.

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