Operationalizing Strategy: Building Systems & Capacity to Meet Your Programmatic, Fundraising, and Marketing Communication Goals

Nonprofit Learning Lab is hosting a two-part training on “Operationalizing Strategy: Building Systems & Capacity to Meet Your Programmatic, Fundraising, and Marketing Communication Goals” on the following dates:

  • 8/14/2024, 8/22/2024

“Join our 2-day workshop to master critical elements for implementing strategy and meeting your organization’s goals. This step-by-step program ensures easy implementation of the learnings. On Day 1, we explore strategic planning in our sector and its application to your organization. We cover various strategies such as frameworks, scenario planning, and goal alignment for programmatic, fundraising, and marketing objectives. These serve as guiding principles for operational planning. We then delve into approaches for operationalizing goals, sustaining team motivation, tracking progress, and maintaining alignment. We introduce the ‘Three P’s of success’—Purpose, People, and Processes—to enhance clarity, engagement, and capacity to achieve strategic goals. The day concludes with a self-assessment to identify areas for improvement and better preparation for strategy implementation. 

Day 2 focuses on meeting program, fundraising, and marketing communication objectives. We provide tools for planning, tracking progress, and evaluating success, including specific implementation strategies, responsible parties, timelines, and evaluation templates. Tracking progress is crucial for gaining stakeholder buy-in; we share industry tools and frameworks for effective planning and execution of these goals, each with immediate applicability. Throughout this two-day training, we’ll ensure you can effectively prioritize and apply what you learn. Built-in sessions with the facilitator and peers allow you to discuss and pinpoint how strategies and tools align with your work. You’ll leave equipped to prioritize and implement strategies that align with your mission. This foundational workshop benefits both newer and seasoned nonprofit professionals, board members, and volunteers.”

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