Orientation,​ Time Management, and Delegation

April 14th-15th: UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education is offering “Orientation,​ Time Management, and Delegation”:

“Empower your employees. This online course will help you become an effective supervisor by learning how to utilize your employees’ strengths to work as a team.

Learn to identify skills, delegate tasks and maximize time management

Are you capitalizing on the skills your employees have to offer? One challenge many managers face is effectively delegating tasks across their team in order to maximize time management. This online course will provide you with the leadership skills to create a productive and accountable team environment. You will learn to understand effective delegation and how to improve performance through communication and feedback.

Learn how to:

  • Optimize the orientation and onboarding process
  • Improve employee engagement, productivity, and retention
  • Boost the time management skills of you and your team
  • Drive team success by avoiding common delegation pitfalls

The event is finished.

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