Program Management and Scaling: How to Manage & Scale Programs To Reach Your Goals

Nonprofit Learning Lab is hosting a two-part training on “Program Management and Scaling: How to Manage & Scale Programs To Reach Your Goals” on the following dates:

  • 1/16/24 + 1/23/24
  • 3/12/24 + 3/19/24

“Managing nonprofit programs requires planning and flexibility. Simultaneously launching new nonprofit programs while managing an existing program takes even more creativity, time and effort. Creating and expanding programs and services in a nonprofit helps lead to growth, innovation and delivery of services. Are you looking to expand or scale a program in your organization, agency or nonprofit? Need some guidance before dedicating a lot of resources, capacity and staff time? Program development, expansion and scaling is a process and takes time for staff, board members and volunteers. Scaling could mean launching a program in a new school, city or state or alternatively serving more clients in a more in-depth or enriching way.

This workshop will explore methods and strategies to brainstorm and create ideas for the purpose of program development, scalability, sustainability and expansion. This workshop will explore three important elements in program expansion and scaling, including: the how of expanding and scaling programs, who to involve such as internal and external partners, and methods to ensure program quality. This session will incorporate opportunities for brainstorming, feedback and an opportunity to develop an action plan to expand and scale your own programs. We will also cover strategies for nonprofit program management. Attendees will leave the workshop with actionable steps to follow in scaling their programs.”

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