Question. Persuade. Refer. (QPR) Training

UW-Oshkosh Division of Online and Continuing Education is hosting a Question. Persuade. Refer. (QPR) training:

“QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) is a practical and evidence-based suicide prevention training that prepares participants to recognize a potential suicide crisis and respond in a safe and supportive way. In just 90-120 minutes, this training aims to empower participants, regardless of their background, to make a positive difference in the life of someone they know by teaching them the common causes of suicidal behavior, warning signs, and three simple steps that can be used to help someone in crisis. QPR is taught in a format that is applicable for a wide variety of audiences, including workplace staff/administrators, faith-based groups, recreational organizations, social service organizations – any individuals who want to learn basic skills to help someone in emotional distress and possibly save a life.

A certificate of participation will be issued upon completion of the training.”

The event is finished.

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