Racial Justice Summit

YWCA Madison is hosting their Racial Justice Summit:

“About the Summit

Building on the ongoing invitation and practice of centering Blackness as a path to re-imagine ourselves, remember our interconnectedness, build collective power and justice for all, YWCA Madison’s Racial Justice Summit, Sep 28 – 30, 2022, invites us all to practice Weaving Our Pasts, Present and Emergent Futures for Racial Justice and Co-Liberation.

For this 21st annual Summit, we are collaborating with local and national practitioners, educators, artists, authors, and advocates to curate a combination of virtual and in-person experiences. Our motivation is to disrupt the (mis)understanding of the different dimensions of justice as separate issues, and support an understanding of their interconnected nature.

Our hope is for the Summit to support communities in deeply understanding how racial justice, restorative justice, gender justice, immigration justice, disability justice, climate justice, and so on, are truly different transgenerational dimensions of our ongoing building of practice, community, interconnectedness and power within movements for justice and co-liberation.

Some of our beloved Summit keynotes this year are sisters Angela Davis and Fania Davis, Ericka Huggins, Linda Sarsour, Rudy Bankston, Jenifer Garcia, and sisters adrienne maree brown and Autumn Brown.”

The event is finished.

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