Rethinking Your Organizational Model to Ensure Agility and Resilience

April 1st and April 8th: the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is offering “Rethinking Your Organizational Model to Ensure Agility and Resilience”:

“In the Harvard Business Review article, 5 Myths About Strategy, Stephen Bungay writes:

Strategy is not about the long term or the short term, but about the fundamentals of how the business works: the sources of value creation, the drivers of the costs to deliver it, and the basis of competition. To get a grip on strategy, we do not need to lengthen the time horizon of our thinking, but its depth. Far from being about things we are going to do in the future, strategy is about what we are going to do now in order to shape the future to our advantage.

While this article uses a for-profit framework, the principles apply to the nonprofit sector as well. An organization’s impact is its “source of value creation,” creating the types of communities where everyone can engage and thrive.

This interactive, two-part webinar will empower leaders to articulate and explore their organization’s impact, revenue strategy, and the people necessary to realize their potential. Taken together, these three fundamentals form the organizational model. While priorities and strategies may adapt to a changing environment, the organizational model is the bedrock for organizational success and understanding it enables agility and resilience.

Intended Audience

Board members, executive directors and others invested in the strategic impact of an organization.”

The event is finished.

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