Security Training for Nonprofit Grantees

Community IT is hosting a webinar on “Security Training for Nonprofit Grantees”:

“Join Matt Eshleman and guest Jada Breegle from Legal Services Corporation for a wide-ranging discussion of cybersecurity at nonprofits and how funders can work collaboratively with grantees to instill a staff culture of healthy skepticism as part of a strong cyber defense. Research shows that short, frequent and realistic trainings are more valuable than a once-a-year security video at creating an email safety culture at nonprofits. You can have all the correct security tools in place but the number one way a hack will happen is when someone on your staff clicks on the wrong link in a compromised email that looks real.

In this webinar, Matt and Jada will answer your questions about working with funders to improve cybersecurity at nonprofits, including important security training for nonprofit grantees.

If you are a funder, you’ll learn how to work with your grantees to help them protect your financial investments in them and better ensure they are able to deliver their important nonprofit missions without the delays and financial burdens of being hacked.

If you are a grantee, we’ll explore ways to approach your funders about cybersecurity training and support to help strengthen your staff and qualify for necessary cyber insurance.”

The event is finished.

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