So You Want to Start a Nonprofit?

RBJ Community Consulting is offering a virtual nonprofit startup information session, “So You Want to Start a Nonprofit?”:

What past attendees are saying they enjoyed most about the course:

  • “The simplicity. Information that is usually buried in weird language and across different sites on the internet was presented in an easily digestible way.”
  • “Having a free 15-minute consultation after the meeting is an awesome idea. It allows attendees to use the information to ask questions tailored to their needs. It was a great experience for me.”
  • “I used this course to walk through the process and actually know what I was doing.”

This virtual information session will talk through the basics of starting a nonprofit in the state of Wisconsin. We will discuss what you should consider before starting a nonprofit and what you need to apply for 501(c)(3) status. You will also get a resource guide that contains all the links and documents you need to easily navigate the nonprofit startup process.

During our time together, attendees will be able to:

  • Discuss important things to consider and plan BEFORE deciding to start a nonprofit
  • Identify five steps to take to apply for a nonprofit
  • Gain access to credible links and resources for nonprofit startup research and application
  • Connect and network with other individuals interested in starting a nonprofit

After the session, all attendees will receive a FREE follow-up consultation call with RBJ Community Consulting.”

The event is finished.

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