Social Good Summit

Collaboration for Good is hosting the Social Good Summit:

The 8th Annual Social Good Summit— a showcase of people, organizations, and issues challenging Madison’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

About this event

The Social Good Summit is very close to our 8th anniversary and still running strong. Our annual showcase of founders, ventures, and issues challenging the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Greater Madison Area. This year, we will intermix a challenging issue, with brilliant speakers, and some light networking.

Our topic this year is ‘The Care You Give – The Immediacy and Future of Work’

A conversation to focus entrepreneurs, employers, and employees on developing better workplaces. Too many businesses silo their efforts, such as working exclusively on diversity, equity, inclusion, better wages, or corporate culture. This conversation explores ideas to create businesses and jobs where people want to work. Seven Wisconsin innovators, each working in various ways, to transform work and workplaces will provide insights, ideas, and potentially more questions that business need to explore and respond to. The very nature of work and how people respond to workplace opportunities is changing. Business across the board— for-profit, nonprofit, public institutions, and governments need the ability to transform again and again.

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