Stand for your Mission through Advocacy

The Nonprofit Leadership Initiative is offering “Stand for your Mission through Advocacy”:

“You work to make sure your organization’s mission and constituents are served to the best of your ability. Whether your mission focuses on mental health, animal rights, basic needs, the arts, or a myriad of other social causes, advocacy is a way to stand for your mission and take action to affect decisions that impact your organization and most importantly the people and communities you serve.

One of the biggest mistakes nonprofit leaders sometimes make is deciding not to engage in advocacy because they believe they’re prohibited by law from doing so. This is simply not true.

The combination of advocacy and direct services can dramatically increase the mission impact of any nonprofit.

Our session leader for Stand for your Mission through Advocacy will be Frank Martinelli. This session will provide information, tools and resources for staff and board members to address:

  • What is advocacy
  • Why nonprofits need to engage in advocacy efforts
  • What the law allows tax-exempt nonprofits to do
  • Specific roles that board and staff members can play
  • Organizational entry points for making the decision to engage in advocacy

We’ll also hear from local organizations that have made the decision to engage in advocacy.

  • Apricity; Michelle Devine Giese
  • Diverse & Resilient; Nick Ross
  • Greater Fox Valley Child Care Alliance; Lynn Coriano
  • SOAR Fox Cities; Erin Schultz-Wege
  • People of Progression; Kristen Gondek”

The event is finished.

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