Supervisor Coaching Labs

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits is hosting “Supervisor Coaching Labs” (see specific topics below):

“Sharpening your supervision helps create strong employee engagement, high staff morale, and great functioning teams. Expert HR trainers are teaming up with MCN to offer monthly one-hour virtual supervisor coaching lab sessions to help you amplify your supervisor skills. Each session is on the second Thursday of the month from 2 – 3 p.m. central (with the exception of April which is on the fourth Thursday and May which is on the third Thursday).

Each session will center on a specific supervision topic and will include a mix of teaching and interaction. These labs will allow you to immediately apply skills or techniques to your work situation. They are geared towards people who are new to supervision as well as those who want ongoing content to renew their supervision practices. The labs are also relevant for those who supervise volunteers. Our trainers are continually adapting their content to raise awareness of the impacts of hierarchy and white supremacy in creating cultures of belonging through a supervisor’s lens and action orientation.

The topics for this series are:

January 20 — Onboarding
Examine the process of bringing new staff into your organization, explore why it is important, and identify essentials for retention and success.

February 17 — Supervising Remotely
Discuss barriers of remote supervision and discover methods to create healthy working relationships even if you aren’t able to meet and work together in person.

March 10 — Meeting Management and Facilitation
Tackle and decrease meeting fatigue and dread; Learn tools to facilitate productive, focused, energizing meetings.

April 21 — Effective 1:1 Conversations
Learn practical tools for one of the most effective practices for supervisors: regular one-on-one conversations

May 19 — Employee Well-being and Self Care
Description TBD

June 16 — How to Engage Employees
Explore why employee engagement is such a complex topic and learn practical, concrete ways you can improve employee engagement.”

The event is finished.

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