The Breakout Room

September 2nd, online: NEWaukee is hosting “The Breakout Room,” as described by NEWaukee below. See here for details.

What is The Breakout Room?
It doesn’t matter if you are working for a corporation, a non-profit, city or independently – professionals in the event industry create the cultural backbone of our communities and companies. The future is uncertain. Successful event professionals know how to creatively problem solve and adapt to face challenges – whether it be new regulations, capacity restrictions, virtual programming and more.

Why You Should Come:
We need to build a stronger community of event professionals. That is why we are launching The Breakout Room, an interactive program that gathers people across the industry to share, learn and connect around key topics that matter to our professions. Together, we will take our events to the next level and build truly transformative experiences in the future.

The event is finished.

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