The Power of Educating & Communicating Total Rewards Changes to Your Organization

Nonprofit HR is offering “The Power of Educating & Communicating Total Rewards Changes to Your Organization”:

Organizations that prioritize well thought out communication plans, regarding compensation and with an emphasis on education can ensure and increase comprehension, and ultimately, build employee satisfaction. Communication helps staff understand what is changing and why, and how it will specifically affect them. It delivers timely messages and materials aligned with key milestones, ensures stakeholders receive consistent information about what is important to them, and provides a mechanism to share feedback and ask questions.

Did you know? Of the respondent organizations to the 2022 Nonprofit Talent Management Priorities Survey, the following were their top three total rewards priorities:

  • 42% Correcting/addressing pay/benefits inequities
  • 48% Expanding benefits program offerings/investments
  • 51% Implementing/restricting merit-based pay pro

All of which require an effective communication plan in order to maximize comprehension.

Join our Total Rewards experts for a live opportunity to learn more about using your total rewards package to complement employee communication, drive employee engagement and increase employee satisfaction and retention.

Save your spot now and elevate awareness for your organization’s total rewards program. Join us to:

  • Hear ways to thoughtfully and intentionally communicate your organization’s benefits
  • Increase employee engagement through education
  • Work with your recruiters and hiring managers to ensure that total rewards are highlighted as early as possible in the attraction, hiring and onboarding process
  • Continue to tailor your total rewards program to employee needs

If your employees don’t know they have a benefit or understand how to access it, then they won’t use it–and they won’t reap the rewards of your organization offering that benefit in the first place.

Designing your Total Rewards program and communicating it consistently to employees provides an opportunity for organizations to build employee trust.

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