Trauma at Work: Recognizing It, Offering Support and Setting Boundaries

Nonprofit HR is offering “Trauma at Work: Recognizing It, Offering Support and Setting Boundaries”:

“Join us next week for a conversation about the trauma your people may be facing and how to leverage your organization’s employee resources to help them through it.

You know your people and when they show up differently, or their patterns of behavior shift, it can be disruptive to an entire team. According to the typical life change index, the death of a spouse or loved one, divorce, personal injury or illness, moving and even a job change are difficult challenges to navigate. As talent managers, you’re at the center—but how well have you communicated your organization’s commitment to mental health and do your people feel comfortable coming to you for help with personal challenges that are impacting their work life?

Recognize that employees are whole people and compartmentalizing thoughts and feelings about their life changes is unlikely during the work day. Failure to initiate helpful dialogue and offer organizational support is something that can impact their relationships with stakeholders, work productivity and overall well-being.

After this webinar, you will be better able to:

  • Identify shifting employee behavior patterns 
  • Pinpoint what may be hindering your ability to be a resource
  • Understand feedback mechanisms that will help you build relationships of trust
  • Know what information to share and program offerings to highlight
  • Leverage technology as a means of ongoing support 
  • Sustain your people and organizational operations to ensure continued mission impact”

The event is finished.

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