Trauma + Resiliency

UW-Eau Claire Continuing Education is offering “Trauma + Resiliency”:

“Trauma can happen as a result of various events and can have a lasting impact on a person’s well-being. Learn how to identify trauma and apply healing interventions through an intersection of stories and research.

Understand trauma and its impact

As health and human services continue to evolve, it is critical to understand the impact of traumatic experiences on a person’s world view and adaptive behaviors. Using stories that intersect and highlight what research has shown to be true, you will experience a highly engaging and experiential exploration of the impact of trauma. In addition, you will receive post‐workshop pre‐recorded materials, so you can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the variety of experiences that can be termed – “traumatic” and how those experiences often manifest differently in each person.

Specific learning objectives that are explored include:

  1. Describe the effects of Trauma on a person’s worldview, brain development, adaptive behaviors, and triggers.
  2. Discuss Trauma Types: Historical, Identity (Gender, Racial, Historical, Orientation, and on), Community, Interpersonal and Family.
  3. Analyze the Impacts of Traumatic Stress on a person’s cognition and affect.
  4. Recognize effective healing interventions, client education skills, and approaches.

This course consists of one live online session followed by four pre-recorded modules with post work. You must complete all work to receive the full CEUs.”

The event is finished.

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