Virtual Lab

July 30th (11am – 2:45pm CT), online: Nonprofit Learning Lab is hosting a Virtual Lab with the following workshops, focusing on nonprofit advocacy, data collection, branding, and donor communications:

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Workshop details:

  • All About the Base: Growing your Advocacy Skills (11a-11:45a)
    Engaging in the public policy process is becoming increasingly important for the nonprofit sector. From the changes in charitable giving, to how critical social programs are funded, nonprofits can’t sit out of the public policy arena any longer. During this interactive session, you’ll learn the best practices in advocacy communications to advance your advocacy goals, engage stakeholders, and ensure your organization is not left out of the conversation.
  • Data Collection in the Midst of a Crisis (12p-12:45p)
    Collecting data to understand the needs of our communities and measure our impact is always important, but data collection is even more crucial during this crisis which has already proven to exacerbate existing disparities. This presentation will go over methods that can be employed to safely continue collecting data with physical distancing requirements and challenges to consider. It will also cover possible issue areas that can be incorporated in your data collection to better serve the changing needs of your community. Finally, we will discuss the infrastructure, skills, and attributes that make participating organizations unique to meet this moment.
  • Branding Master Class (1p-1:45p)
    Good Citizen’s Brand Discovery is designed to guide leaders and entrepreneurs through introspection and peer review of their brand. Develop tools to swiftly realign to our rapidly changing world. Utilizing Jungian’s collective unconscious and archetypes, the interactive experience is transformative. Before an organization of any size embarks on developing marketing language or ideas, they must first re-calibrate their promise and strength with a brand diagnostic.
  • Using the Sustainable Development Goals to Communicate Impact and Engage High-Net-Worth Donors (2p-2:45p)
    Donors, and in particular high-net-worth (“HNW”) donors, are increasingly looking to measure the impact of their philanthropic dollars against the SDG framework and goals. In our hands-on design thinking workshop, we will walk-through what the SDG goals are, how your organization can effectively communicate the important work you do using this framework to better engage HNW donors, and how you can play a part in the global multi-stakeholder partnerships dedicated to meeting these goals.

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