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  • Job Type Details: Business Leadership of a Premier Professional Early Music Vocal Ensemble.

The Executive Director of Aperi Animam reports to the Board of Directors and is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives, and lays the groundwork for future growth and success. www.aperianimam.com/

The Executive Director oversees the staff and committees that carry out the regular operations of the organization. The Executive Director works closely with the Conductor and Performance Designer to ensure the implementation of Aperi Animam concerts, events, and activities.

Duties are divided into four areas, listed in order of relative priority:

  1. Funds and Finances
    • Manage grant reporting; prepare timely and effective applications to renew existing grants; procure grants from new sources.
    • Develop appropriate sponsorships and/or partnerships for major events (both financial and in-kind).
    • Work with the Conductor, Board President, Treasurer, and Committees to develop budgets and help ensure that the organization operates within those budgets.
    • Solicit and manage individual and major gifts and all gift acknowledgements.
    • Manage business relationships with contractors, venues, contracts, etc.
    • Oversee the work of the staff Treasurer.
  1. Organizational Oversight
    • Delegate organizational tasks to Committees, help Committees understand their charge, and help to ensure that tasks are completed. Current Standing Committees include a Finance Committee and a Marketing/Fundraising Committee
    • Ensure that Committees have the resources necessary to successfully complete organizational tasks.
    • Organize both regular and ad hoc meetings with Conductor, Board leadership, and Committees as needed.
    • Work with the Conductor to encourage, support, and inspire volunteer staff.
    • Oversee and be ultimately responsible for event/performance management (venue liaison, ticketing, pre-event publicity etc), recruiting and organizing volunteers as needed.
  1. Community Relationships

The Executive Director, Conductor and Performance Designer are the primary public faces of the organization. These positions effectively communicate Aperi’s mission to the general public, community groups, businesses, potential donors, and other organizations.

    • Collaborate with the Conductor to cultivate strategic partnerships with other organizations—other non-profits, businesses, performance venues, religious organizations, community groups, and foundations—to advance Aperi Animam’s mission and aid in fund development.
    • Work with Marketing/Fundraising Committee to cultivate media relationships to promote Aperi Animam concerts and events.
    • Serve as an effective spokesperson for Aperi Animam.
  1. Board Development and Relationships
    • Build the Board of Directors by recruiting experienced professionals and community leaders who can help Aperi Animam achieve its mission and financial goals.
    • Inspire, encourage and educate the Board of Directors to give time, energy, and money in the service of Aperi Animam’s mission.
    • Liaison between the Board of Directors, Artistic Director, and the Committees to ensure that organizational tasks are carried out in a timely and professional manner.

Salary and Benefits

Leading this non-profit, professional vocal ensemble will be a part time job, estimated 20 hours a month.  Applicants might include teachers, music lovers and professionals, active retirees, or others.  The Board meets once a month (typically last Sunday at 6:30), performances occur about 4 weekends a year, and the grant writing cycle is heaviest June through December.  Structured as a consultant contract, paid monthly, annual $8,500.

“To my astonishment, [Aperi] and its numerous soloists performed the entire five song series a capella, beginning with the complicated, wordless, avant-garde Dawn by the contemporary American composer/singer/dancer Meredith Monk. It was gorgeous music, perfect for a church, with sustained lower notes against flitting strings of high notes like first light breaking.” — By John Schneider, Shepherd Express, May 23, 2024

Please send cover letter, resume and references to the following two email addresses:  Tom@Aperianimam.com and Yourfriends@Aperianimam.com.  Expect to hear back during the last week of June if not before, with interviews set up immediately after.  Start date as early as mutually agreeable.

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