A City for God Ministry Manager

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  • Full-Time
  • Part-Time
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Job Type Details: Full to Part-time with Remote Options

Be the detail and tech hub of a growing ministry team changing lives and eternities for 4800+ students and families each week.

Manage the budget, social media, CMS software, communications and paperwork for a friendly team.

A City for God / Chaplains in Schools

Ministry Manager Job Description

Negotiable Starting Date January to July 2023

Summary: Be the technical and detail hub of a ministry team and their families each week. Utilizing God-given gifts to maximize the gifts of teammates.

Job Title:  Ministry Manager

Job Type:  Hired, Full-time, Salaried  to Part-Time 20 Hours Per Week

Reporting:  This position reports to the A City for God Executive Director

Abilities: Ministry driven, detail and task oriented, technologically capable, flexible, and able to work in an urban educational setting

Strengthsfinder Outlook: An ideal candidate is likely high in executive strengths.

Location: Office at Fairview Lutheran Church, 66th & Stevenson Ave, Milwaukee, 80% of work could be remote work

Job Responsibilities:

I. Assist the executive director with his ministry activities

  1. Set up appointments and manage to-do’s for the Executive Director, input and share ACFG and various calendars
  2. Work with and train others on the software ACFG uses: Shepherd’s Staff (Church 360) Ministry Database, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, QuickBooks
  3. Copy and assemble materials for worship, Bible studies, classes
  4. Manage and file all office documents both digitally and physically
  5. Work with accountant for QuickBooks management,  print checks as needed/requested  and collect receipting to back up credit card purchases/documentation for accounting records
  6. Manage the office location and provide a friendly, helpful presence
  7. Use good stewardship to identify and order supplies and materials as directed
  8. With with Church Center to line up weekly ministry volunteers

II. Lead Human Resource Paperwork and Mechanics (not Recruitment or Supervision)

  1. Meet with new staff for completion of necessary onboarding paperwork
  2. File and organize personnel documents
  3. Receive staff time cards, tally hours and enter into payroll system (currently using ADP); communicate with ADP as needed to update employee information for banking, pay rate changes, filing of quarterly Form 941
  4. Coordinate staff celebrations, gatherings and interstaff communication

III. Assist with Communication, Finances and Mission Advancement

  1. Work with ACFG Accountant to Input and Manage ACFG Financial date on Quickbooks
  2. Coordinate Mission Advancement Database
  3. Coordinate Regular update of Social Media
  4. Manage School site promotional materials, table and posters
  5. Manage Websites and Social Media
  6. Send mailings and monitor feedback
  7. Assist with thank you and gift management
  8. Assist with Mission Advancement Activities
    1. Event  and Donation Coordination
    2. Printing and sending newsletters and donation requests
    3. Coordinating guest speakers and mission fest preachers and presenters

Salary & Benefits:  With a college degree, a full time salaried Ministry Manager position is paid using the WELS synod code scale for a degreed teacher.  Visit: cwcompcalc.wels.net/ for details.  A Ministry Manager with an associates degree or a minimum high school degree would be reimbursed using the same calculator as a guide.

A first year Ministry Manager with a degree would have received $30,640 in 2022. Mileage will be reimbursed for non-commuting travel using IRS rate.

The ministry Manager is supplied a laptop and training in skills needed, including $2,000 for professional development.

Weekly Tasks 

  • Input worship events data into Church 360
  • Make deposits from Offering and Mailed gifts and have ExDr write Thank You’s
  • Input Financial Data, Handle Billings and Checks
  • Print various materials
  • Upload Podcast Recordings (C4D, FV, SFAL)
  • Meet 1-1 With Ex Dr
  • Meet with ACFG Leadership Team
  • Oversee FaceBook and Website Updates
  • Make deposits and open mail
  • Run church communication and volunteer requests with Church Connect

Monthly Tasks

  • Oversee receipting of Credit Card Statement using Quickbooks
  • Bimonthly send ADP Payroll Info
  • Update Budget
  • Update Website
  • Mail Constant Contact / Paper Mailers to Donors
  • Coordinate Events/ RSVP etc.

Quarterly Tasks

  • Line up location for Leadership retreat, refreshments, meal, materials
  • Staff / Board meeting coordination
  • Order Office Materials and Supplies
  • Mail Asks to Donors
  • Take minutes at Board meetings

Yearly Tasks w/ Ex Dr

  • Obtain Signed Contracts / Job descriptions for All Staff
  • Produce Yearly Budget and Data Report
  • Provide all necessary documentation to Accountant to file fiscal year end reporting
  • Onboard new employees
  • Submit reports and asks to foundations and supporters


  • Assist staff with software questions and issues as first reference
  • Make sure office is organized
  • Software Training and Conferences as needed
  • Make Baptismal Certificates etc.
  • Input Data into Shepherd’s Staff/Church 360

Please submit a resume to PSteinberg@ChaplainsInSchools.org

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